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Aicok Juicer Professional Fruit Juicer Review

AicokAicok Juicer Professional Fruit Juicer – Great for your health
The High Power Juicer supplies an easy method to obtain the nutrients you require everyday. The fast, powerful blade system removes fresh, yummy and healthy and balanced juice.

400W Two-Speed Electric motor
” 1″ reduced speed, 13000 to 15000 RPM, “2” rapid speed, 16000 to 18000 RPM. 2 speed dial makes best use of juice yield from soft, leafy eco-friendlies and also hard fruits, The low speed deals with softer or riper produce, such as oranges, apples, grapes, melons, peaches, as well as tomatoes. High speed is better for fibrous or leafed produce like spinach, celery, as well as beans.

Extra-Wide Funnel
Aicok Juicer Professional Fruit Juicer – The funnel is large sufficient for apple, oranges, carrots, lemons and cucumber and so on. Fruits and vegetables will fit down the hopper, and also not get stuck, due to the fact that the receptacle is large. When it comes to dimensions of fruit and vegetables, in width can be 6cm, and in depth can be 3.5 cm. It additionally include large-capacity juice container( 450ml) and also pulp enthusiast( 1600ml).

Security Locking Arm stops the juicer from running without the cover secured into area.

Please note:

Aicok Juicer Professional Fruit Juicer – Do not leave the appliance running for more than 1 min each time. If the home appliance has been running for greater than 1 min, leave it to cool down for 2 mins prior to you utilize it again.

Quit the device prior to getting rid of the meddle to include more fruit/vegetables in order to avoid to stay clear of sprinkles.

The device can just be utilized when the centrifuge dish, base, cover and also fruit pulp owner are affixed as well as locking mechanism is secured an upright placement on the lid.

Constantly put the appliance on a dry, degree and also firm surface, as well as faraway from the edges.

This Aicok Juicer functions just as you would expect it to, it is very easy to assemble, simple to use the cleaning is additionally a wind, with the help of running warm water, as well as the supplied cleansing brush, on which you can make use of to assist with your cleansing. The juicer features a convenient mug which loads aproximately 2 mugs packed with juice. if you want to make a bigger quanity after that simply place a larger pan. The pulp is seperated right into a various container, which i give to my neighbours bunny, as well as Test subject. It is additionally verys smooth in taste without any bits, my previous juicer was not as smooth as a result you do like the Aicok brand far better. The juicer has two settings, number one is for soft fruits like watermelon or strawberries as well as number 2 is for tougher fruits like carrots or apples Also don’t be tricked in to believing, Oh a slow juice, it is mosting likely to take a lot longer, when in fact it rarely takes at any time in any way. Does an excellent job of removing the juice from the fruit or vegetable because what continues to be is really completely dry. Key components of the juicer are not only resilient however very easy to tidy. It is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. To me it is a terrific style and really functional. The only point that requires time to tidy is an item that in fact divides the fruit from the juice send this extremely great screen. Nevertheless, a brush has actually been provided to makes cleansing easier. It would be nice if somebody might develop a solution that would make it much more simpler to tidy however that’s with any kind of customer of this type. Well made and also have actually already suggested to all.

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  • √FRUIT JUICER–With Durable Stainless Steel Cutting Disc and Micro-mesh Filters, extract up to 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers. And the juice will be more nutritious and better tasting.
  • √PROFESSIONAL JUICER MACHINE–Dual-speed motor, 3 position switch – “0” off, “1” low speed, 12000RPM±15%, “2” fast speed, 15000RPM±15%. 2 speed dial maximizes juice yield from soft, leafy greens and hard fruits, you can get the most from soft fruits at the slow speed and the fast speed is suitable for hard fruits.
  • √POWEFUL COLLECTION JUICER–65mm Large chute and 400W Juice Maker can process whole fruits and vegetables without the need to pre-cut or slice. It is easier and more efficient for juicing of larger fruits and vegetables. It also include large-capacity juice container(450ml) and pulp collector(1600ml).
  • EASY TO CLAEN–It is simple to put together, and simple to disassemble to clean. Cleaning is a breeze, with the help for running water. The supplied cleaning brush, on which you can use both ends to help with your cleaning.
  • √SAFETY LOCKING ARM–Prevent the juicer from operating without the cover locked into place. 2 years limited quality warranty.

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